Picture, for a moment, what it feels like to walk out the door on a crisp winter morning in New York. Both hands are tucked into the pockets of your favorite coat – a coat that, from the moment you eagerly zipped it up, became not just part of your outfit, but rather the outfit itself.

This feeling is one that our founder, Dawn, kept coming back to when she first started working in the outerwear space more than 20 years ago – that almost magical infusion of confidence and meaning that a great coat can evoke. A coat that is not only a means for staying warm but also a vehicle for self-expression, just like a pair of statement heels or your signature handbag. At the time, it was almost impossible to find. Everything on the market looked the same – basic wool, trench raincoats with no shape or style, bulky parkas... Dawn knew it was time for a change. 

 And so, Dawn Levy the brand was born.

With the goal of creating clothes that empower women to live their fullest lives, Dawn drew from her decades of industry experience alongside more personal sources of inspiration, including her extensive travels throughout Europe and Asia, her relationships with different neighborhoods in New York and the women who live there, and her own set of diverse hobbies and interests. As someone who loves rolling up her sleeves to refinish furniture just as much as she enjoys hosting glamorous theme parties, Dawn understands that women contain multitudes, and their wardrobes should reflect that. 

This keen perspective has shaped Dawn Levy’s evolution into the pioneering ready-to-wear brand that it is today — a brand that celebrates fit, fashion, and function equally and at an accessible price. Though our designs cater to a wide variety of aesthetics, ages, and lifestyles, the common thread of these core tenets is a recognizable trademark that winds throughout the smallest of details, from the quilting technique that creates our famously flattering silhouettes to the thoughtful variety of luxurious materials. Ultimately, we design clothes that make you feel as warm and beautiful on the outside as you do on the inside – so that you’re free to be your most effortless self.